A bit more about me... 

I am a writer and Chinese translator for hire who love to think and happen to zone out a lot. If you catch me vegging out, then there is a good chance that stories after stories are forming in my mind. 

Specialization: lifestyle, traveling, gaming, content writing.


Why style matters – Evelyn Liu –

When you walk on the streets, you walk past old people, young couples, groups of teeanegers and on and on. We meet a heck of lot of strangers every day, each one with their unique style. People with bold style are easily recognized – they stand out from others. Whether it is authoritve or pity – style does paint us, adding extra color to our exterior. How people are going to view us? It’s style that they are looking for in our body. That’s why it’s important to form our own style.

How to set challenges for travel and play safe

Almost no-one hates traveling, right? At least I haven’t heard of it. Going on vacation is not only a break, it also brings us insights and challenges. What kind of challenges do you like when going abroad? Well, I have a lot — traveling solo, going to rope bridges, seeing all the lakes and mountains by myself. They’re great, sure. But it took me more than bravery to do all the things. It’s determination. And, planning. Without these three components, I doubt I would ever enjoy my trips so much. So I’m going to show you how to find challenges and how to set your mind in place.

Did social media change socialization? In nature, it didn’t — in the voice of introverts

Have you ever felt awkward, shy or uncomfortable being exposed in a crowded place? We introverts very often feel that way, even though it may seem like nothing to others. In real life, there’re a bunch of situations that make us share the feelings. Things like being in a party, speaking publicly, or joining new groups all get on our nerves. What about the Internet? It’s a life-saver! We (or I’d say I) applaud for its born. Years after, we struggle again. Not because the Internet is no longer w