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I am a writer, editor, and Chinese translator who love to think and happen to zone out a lot. If you catch me vegging out, then there is a good chance that I'm wandering somewhere in my mind with an imaginary friend.

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【Bilingual】 When Music Gains Its Art Form | Kuoko

How often do you find a singer incorporates art into music, all created by herself/himself? Well, the chance may be rare; but you’re lucky to stumble upon Kuoko, the Japanese multi-artist whose music is the unique combination of Japanese art, pop culture, and electronic pop.
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【Bilingual】 Follow This Hottest MV Film Spot and Travel: Montreal, Canada

Montreal, which lies on the east coast of Canada, may not be a common travel city among Hong Kong people, but the former French colony is scattered with arts and culture, not to mention the vibe of France resonating every minute, mixing the Canadian culture into a melting pot that drives millions of travellers visiting. The hidden reason of the cultural city Montreal is inside this music video — Expo 67 Canada.

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